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Mata Ortiz Pottery

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Recommended Reading List for Mata Ortiz Pottery:

"The Many Faces of Mata Ortiz"
Treasure Chest Pub., 1999

"The Story of Casas Grandes Pottery"
by Rick Cahill
Boojum Books, 1991

"Portraits of Clay: Potters of Mata Ortiz"
by Sandra Smith
Univ. Arizona Press, 1997
Octavia Andrew #mp002
Octavia Andrew
Girard Tena #mp027
Girard Tena
Salvador Baca #mp003
Salvador Baca
Jesus Martinez #mp010
Jesus Martinez
Edmundo Lopez #mp009
Edmundo Lopez
Lopez and Quezada #mp006-7
Lopez and Quezada
Porfiro  Mora #mp011
Porfirio "Pilo" Mora
Mora and Perez #mp012
Mora and Perez
Enrique Pedregon #mp013
Enrique Pedregon
Paty Quezada #mp014
Paty Quezada
Nicolas Quezada #mp015
Nicolas Quezada
Lydia Quezada #mp016
Lydia Quezada
Maura Quezada #mp017
Maura Quezada
Rosa Quezada #mp018
Rosa Quezada
Damion Quezada #mp019
Damion Quezada
Maura Quezada #mp020
Maura Quezada
Jesus M. Rodriguez #mp021
Jesus M. Rodriguez
Jesus M. Rodriguez #mp022
Jesus M. Rodriguez
Gerardo Veloz #mp025
Gerardo Veloz

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